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Eastmain is a small Cree community a short way inland from James Bay, on the south shore of the Eastmain River. It has a population of about 480. It is also known by its Cree name, Wapanoutauw, which means "lands east of James Bay."

Eastmain was the location chosen by the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) to set up its first permanent trading post which was called the East Main House. Traditionally, Natives gathered here to trade caribou pelts for birch bark which they used to make canoes. A first post was opened in 1690. After moving to a few different locations, it was established permanently on the coast around 1723. A territorial guard formed by Crees ensured supplies of foodstuffs and material to the fort. Eastmain is home to the Cree Trappers Association.

An unpaved road connects the community to the James Bay Road, 103 km to the west.

Eastmain website:

From Here to: Km Miles
Amos 636 394
Brisay 878 544
Caniapiscau 962 596
Chibougamau 600 372
Chisasibi 442 274
Matagami 454 282
Nemaska 295 183
Radisson 372 231
Wemindji 366 227
Waskaganish 319 198
Here is a topo map of the region of Eastmain. The road is not shown on the map as it was built relatively recently.

Matagami    Waskaganish    Nemaska    Eastmain    Wemindji    Chisasibi    Radisson

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