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Wemindji is a small Cree community a short way inland from James Bay, with a population of 1200.

At the mouth of the Maquatua River lies Wemindji - painted mountains. The name originates from the ochre found in the hills. This ochre was mixed with grease to make paint. This small community, once located on an island on Vieux-Comptoir River, was also called Paint Hills, Old Factory and Vieux-Comptoir. Around 1686, the Compagnie du Nord and French Knight Pierre de Troyes deployed soldiers in the area and managed to dislodge the English from the HBC and take control of the bay for a short time. In 1935, the HBC opened a new trading post. In 1959, the village was moved toward the coast where overall conditions were more favourable.

An unpaved road connects the community to the James Bay Road, 96km to the west.

Cree Nation of Wemindji Website:
For more info call  (819) 978-0264.

From Here to: Km Miles
Amos 796 494
Brisay 704 436
Caniapiscau 788 489
Chibougamau 760 471
Chisasibi 268 166
Eastmain 366 227
Matagami 614 381
Nemaska 455 282
Radisson 198 123
Waskaganish 479 297


Aerial photo of Wemindji

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A closer aerial view

(Photo from

Matagami    Waskaganish    Nemaska    Eastmain    Wemindji    Chisasibi    Radisson

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