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Travelogues of trips that I have made up to the James Bay area, with photographs and commentary

  • July 2000 - Part of a trip I made in July of 2000 (July 19-22) that also included Labrador and the North Shore of the St. Lawrence (for those parts of the trip, please visit the Trans-Labrador Highway & Leatherwood Trail website -- Travel section: "To the Ends of the Roads").

  • September 2000 - In September 2000 (Sep 22-25) I revisited the James Bay region.  It was full-blown late autumn, with all the awesome fall colours that you'd expect. We traveled 3500 km in 4 days.

  • August 2002 - Just a few photos. My camera broke on the second day of the trip, only a few miles up the James Bay Road!  (Aug 19-23). Major bummer!
    I've posted a few of the photos I did manage to take.

  • September 2004 - A quick trip up the road to Radisson, then south and east along the Trans-Taiga Road for 100 km -- just far enough to get a taste of it, and all I had time for -- then home. (Sep 3-7).

  • September 2005 - North on the James Bay Road and east along the Trans-Taiga Road right to the end (Brisay) and back!

  • May 2008 - North, mainly to film the doomed Rupert River. Sorry, no photos yet - it's been a busy year!

Travelogues by others...

Virtual Tours

  • Detailed photographic tours of the roads & the Rupert River


  • Movies of some locations along the James Bay Road

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